Quest For Glory V - Story
From "Quest For Glory Series"

After driving the Dark One out of the land of Mordavia, your are summoned
to Silmaria by your old friend Erasmus. You find out that the king has 
been murdered, and foreign armies have invaded the surrounding islands, 
which are part of the kingdom of Silmaria. In a goal of finding a new king- 
the council invites candidates who would like to be the future kings (or queens) 
of Silmaria.
All the candidates should pass 7 "Rites of Rulership", and the council members
evaluate each candidate's actions after each Rite, in various aspects such as
team-spirit, human compassion, accomplishing the mission and more...
Will you be able to save the land of Silmaria from invading armies and other fierce dangers? Your father, Harun al-Rashid, have already sent his personal recommendation

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