Miscellaneous Information

Technical issues:

  • General info
    • "Quest for Glory V" requiers DirectX(R) 6.0. Make sure you have it.
    • Install the v1.2 patch.
    • If you want to import your character from previous QfG games, place the .SAV file in the special directory 'imports', which is under QfG 5 directory.
    • If you seem to unable to load your import from previous QfG's, get back to the certain game and load your save in the end of the game, finally save your import and try again.

  • Windows 2000/Windows XP compatibility
    QfG 5 was made in 1998, before todays advanced Windows versions. It won't work in Win 2000/XP. To make it work, you will need a special patch. Sierra ceased to support Quest for Glory and all the other quests series (Space Quests, Larry, King Quest etc..), but one person have written a patch on his own. It is available in our QfG-5 Downloads section.
    Be sure to check the following steps:
    • Make sure your version is patched to 1.2 with Sierra's patch.
    • The QuickTime player that comes in the QfG-5 CD-ROM is NOT Win 2000 or Win XP compatible. Please download an up-to-date version that supports your OS from QuickTime's website. (http://www.apple.com/quicktime).

Funny stuff:

  • Try to leave your hero standing somewhere, without moving for a long time. He'll start to get bore and stretch himself, and even look in his 'watch'...
  • Look at all the windows of the Fishermen's guild, near the adventures guild. Some tricky mentions of Hitchcock's movies...
  • The adventurers' guild stores some very funny messages. Look at everything, some objects even serveal times.
  • more to follow...
  • The moose is in the Adventurers' guild.

If you are experiencing technical problems, use our Form feedback to ask us about it.

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