Quest For Glory IV - Story
From "Quest For Glory Series"

After getting rid of the Demon wizard, even before you have the opportunity
to celebrate, you are transferred by old "pal" Ad-Avis (How could he be 
alive, haven't you pushed him off a tower in Raseir??) to a place you 
don't know. It seems Ad-Avis had tried to get you as close to him as he 
can, but he didn't succeed. Of-course, you don't know where you are.
The only thing you know is that you're in a cave and that you don't want 
to stay there any longer. You bust out, to find your in a place called 
Mordavia. You can't go back to Tarna as the only way out is blocked by a 
swamp. By the attitude of the people you realize that they already had 
some experience with dark magic before, and they wouldn't trust anyone. 
Now you know what you need to do: You need to gain their trust, then seek
and destroy Ad-Avis, the dark magic and whoever stands in your way once 
and for all.
Go out and save the world... once again!

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