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Cheats in Quest for Glory IV

Not really a cheat, more an exploited game-bug: If you want the Acrobatics skill with maximum points (400), choose "Import Character" from the main menu, import your character, give all the points to the Acrobatics, Cancel, Import again and so on... The game does not reset the Acrobatics level, so when you reach 400, start the game!

Technical issues:

As we all know, the hard way, QfG 4 is a VERY buggy game. Of all the bugs, there are 2 major one, which not rarely stop folks in a certain situtation. There used to be problem with the plot, but they were all (or most) fixed with the variety of patches Sierra have published. Make sure you've patched your game using the version 1.1 upgrade patch (which includes all its previous). Or, if you already installed one of the previous patches, install the rest of them. NOTICE: The QfG Anthology/Collection are coming already patched. {Also, do not patch the lone Qg4-CD-speech version}
  • Error 52 - Swamp problem

We all know/heard of the problem when your've trying to get to the Mad Monk's Tomb in the swamp. The problem is caused by mismatches of todays' internal-memory caching technology. To solve this problem, try what we suggest. Move to the next entry only if the current one didn't work for you.
  • First of all, try slowing down your computer with programs like 'Turbo' or 'Moslo'.
  • Nothing? go to the 'install', and choose PC-Speaker for sound.
  • Still not working? try to adjust the detail-bar to the minimum, and speed-bar to the maximum.
  • If you got here, all is left to do is go all the way to your hardware: (BE AWARE: IF YOU ARE NOT SURE HOW TO REVERT THE SITUATION DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS). Go to your system BIOS setup (by hitting either [DEL] or [F2] or whatever when the system boots) and set to "Disable" all the entries that has to do with "Memory Caching". Now return to the game, pass the swamp, save, get back to the BIOS setup and enable back everything you've disabled.

  • Error 47 - The slippery path problem

    Another annoying bug. It occurs in the beginning of the game, when your'e trying to walk that slippy path.
    • First, try to use the hand icon on the stones below, or the green goo, instead of walking down the path.
    • Another solution is to turn the detail-bar to its minimum and the speed-bar to its maximum.

    Funny stuff:

    • Try reading all the funny messages on the gravestones in the cemetary.
    • Sit down in Mordavia's Inn without doing anything, for a long time. Expect a suprise.
    • Use the T.R.A.P machine to remind you Smokey the Elephant (QfG 3, when you leave a fire in the Savanna).
    • Try using "hand" icon on the candle at the Magda's trailer. (Gypsies' camp)
    • Try throwing a rock at the town's gate.
    • The moose is in the Adventurers' guild.
    • The black bird is inside the monastry, between the windows.

    Cranium codes - provided for those who lost their manual: Click Here.

    Your computer is too fast for "Quest For Glory IV" ? Download the turbo program. (on "News" page)

    If you are experiencing technical problems, use our Form feedback to ask us about it.

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