Quest For Glory III - Walkthrough
Character - Thief
From "Quest For Glory Series"
NOTE: The following walkthrough will NOT gain you all points.

You find yourself in Tarna in Kreesha's room.
Exit the room, then go to the bazzar.
Go to the money exchanger.
Throw a throwing dagger at the thief.
After your judgement return to the money exchanger.
Exchange your Dinars to Royals.
Buy the following items on the bazzar:
   2 Waterskins, 5 Zebra skins, Tinder Box, Honey, Oil, Fine Spear, 
   Fine Dagger, Rope, Beads, Carving~, Fine Robe, meat.

~: Tell the katta about Shapeir, give her the note from Shema and only then
   try to buy the carving, in ordrer to get it free.

Tie the rope to the magical hook.
Go to the temple and enter inside.
Go to your Inn and look at the messge board.
Exit Tarna and go to the place where the vine plants are.
(It's a place which looks surounded with rocks from the map)
Exit this place and return there.
When the animal (that looks like bat) is being captured, takes some rocks
   and throw one on the plant. (You can also throw a throwing dagger)
Exit the place and return there.
Take the fruit and the glowing stone that were on the grave.
Exit this place and wait until day 3.
It is not necessary to swear the oath.
In the Simbani village, talk to the laibon 
(Suggested to ask about spear).
After you go to Uhura's hut, talk with her 
(Suggested to ask about spear).
After you go to your hut, say good-night 
to Rakeesh. In the morning, go to the 
 bridge area and practise with Uhura.
After you completly control the moves on 
 the bridge (without falling), Exit the 
 bridge area and return there.
Compete with Uhura and win her.
Go to the spear-throwing area and 
practise with Uhura.
After you completly control your throwing (you never miss the target),
   Exit the throwing area and return there.
Compete with Uhura and win her.
Exit the Simbani village, Go to the Pool of Peace and fill all 
   the waterskins you have.
Go to the jungle to the giant tree.
Go to the Mother of the World, greet and wait until the magical circle
   enter inside you.
Ask it for a gem and Take ONLY one gem.
Go to the Heart of the World and stand on the platform.
Empty one waterskin on the platform.
Go near the waterfall and search for a cage with a monkey.
Release the monkey and talk to him until he goes.
Return to Tarna and go to the temple.

~: If you see a honey bird, follow her until it get to the bee's.
   Spill the honey to the ground and leave the scene.
   Then return, approach the bird and it will fly. 
   Take the feather and leave.

In your dream choose your answers wisely. (You do not have to
   answer correctly in order to finish the game).
Go to the pill maker and try to buy dispel potion.
Give him the gift, the vine fruit and the water.
Wait one day and return to the pill maker.
Buy 2 dispel potions.
Give him the bird's feather~, and he will give you 3 healing pills.
Return to the Simbani village (they should have been captured a Leopardman).
If Yusefu or Uhura guarding, exit the place and return there.
Empty one dispel potion on the Leopard.
Go the laibon and ask him about bride price.
Talk to him until you go out the hut.
Return to the laibon's hut and ask him about marrige.
Exit the hut and go to the cage.
Give the beads, the carving and the fine dagger.
If Yusefu or Uhura is guarding, exit the place and return there.
Open the cage.
Go to the jungle.
As you feel if somebody is watching you, call him out.
Make friends with Johari and talk with her until she goes.
Meet her again, tell her about peace and talk with her until she goes.
Meet her again and let her lead you to the Leopardmen village.
When you see a dog who guards the house of the Leopardmen leader, give him
   some meat and throw the magical hook on the house, and walk on it.
Stealth, take the Spear of death and return.
After the accident at the council of judgement, go to the jungle.
Ask Manu about the monkey village and accept his offer.
Climb the tree.
Try to convince Manu to take you to the waterfall.
Near the waterfall, throw the magical hook to the 
 other side of the waterfall and walk on it to the 
 other side of the waterfall.
Kill the monster.
In the lost city say good-bye to Manu.
Look at the painted door and put the glowing stone on 
 the eye hole.
Stealth to the door, put the oil on the door and then pick the lock.
Open the door (Step inside).
When Reeshaka turns into a demo, throw a dispel potion on her (If you don't
   have any, kill the demon).
Rakeesh will heal her and then, at the mirror room, 
fight against your match until the thief will replace you.
Near the demon leader, listen to their conversation.
Stealth to the bollard, climb it and throw the magical hook on 
   the next bollard. 
Walk on the rope to the other bollard, then the demon leader will notice 
   you.  Throw the magical hook to the last bollard, walk on it.
When you're standing on the last bollard, throw the magical hook on the 
   demon leader.

YES! You have finish the game!

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