Quest For Glory II - Walkthrough
Character - Thief
From "Quest For Glory Series"
NOTE: The following walkthrough will NOT gain you all points.

You find yourself in Shapeir, in the 
Katta's Tail Inn. Leave the Inn.
Not as Spielburg, Shapeir is a HUGE city, 
you need a map. A man in the gate plaza 
offers you a map and a compass, but, your 
gold coins from Spielburg are useless.
Ask him about a money-changer.
Follow his directions and change your 
money. Return to him and buy both the map 
and the compass. You can use the map to go 
between the plazas and places you already 

Go to the fighter's plaza.
Buy some waterskins (You may fill them from the fountain in the 
  fountain plaza)
Enter the Weapon shop.
Buy some daggers, at least 5 (You will need them at the end).
Go to the fountain plaza.
Enter the magic shop.
You may buy a pair of X-RAY glasses.
Go to the pill maker.
Here you may buy Healing, Vigor, Mana and Cure pills.
Ask him about Dispel-Potion (As usual, some ingredients are missing).
Search the plazas. You need also a lamp and a cloth bag.
You may travel more in the city. A list of the places which are not 
in plazas:
   Money Changer    : Exchanges your money.
   Astrologer       : He can tell you the future, but nothing more 
                      (You don't need him).
   W.I.T            : This place is only for the magic-user.
The last place is Aziza. You need to find her also. Her house has a purple 
door with an eye. All thoose places are in dead-ends, so you need to 
search them.
Knock on the door. Answer as follows: 
   1) [Type your name]
   2) Rakeesh
   3) Demon
   4) Aziza
Ask her about Elementals and about "Fruit of compassion".
Now all you can do is wait until the fire elemental comes.
TIP: All elementals are in the plazas.
When you hear of the fire elemental, go to the pill maker and ask him about 
   the fire. He will tell you about something called "incense".
Buy the incense.
Wait to the next morning, then search for the elemental in the plazas.
Once you have found it, use the incense to take it from the plazas 
  to the alley.
After you're out of incense, and you're NOT in a plaza, use the water you 
   have in your waterskin.
After the fire gets smaller, take it in the lamp. Now you have a magic lamp.
Wait to the air elemental.
Go to the magic shop. Ask about air elemental. He will tell you he has 
   something called "Fooler's Earth", buy it (It is just dirt).
   Ask him also about capture.
   Buy a magic rope.
Go to the weapon shop.
Above the door there are bellows.
Use the magic rope at night, and take the bellows.
When you got the bellows, go to the Palace Plaza;
Wait until you hear the air elemental came.
Find the air elemental and use the dirt: Use the magic rope and place
   yourself as high as it allows, wait for the air elemental to come beneath
   you and throw at it the dirt.
   When the air stops from moving, get down and capture it in the bellows.
Wait until you hear the earth elemental came.
Go to the apothecary, ask him about earth, then buy powder.
Search the plazas, find one where people tell you they heard strange things.
Search the streets near the plazas, once you have found the earth elemental,
   throw the powder at it.
After you defeated the earth elemental, collect its remains in 
  the cloth bag.
Make sure you have at least one full waterskin. If you don't have, fill the
   waterskins in the fountain.
Wait until you hear the water elemental came.
This time it is easy - It will always be near the fountain.
Put one waterskin on the ground (Type "Use", not "Drop").
Use the air elemental, which is in the bellows.
Once the water elemental is in the waterskin, retake it.
Go to the town gate and buy a saurus.
Exit Shapeir and go left until you arrive to the Griffin's nest.
(you can use the desert map on "Game Information" Page)
There are two ways to get the Griffin's feather:
   1) Scare him away, then use your magic rope to get it.
   2) Ask him about feather, then move the little rock on the right.
Ride the saurus to the right until you arrive near a tree. 
(you can use the desert map on "Game Information" page)
As Aziza said, she was a healer and you need to give her three gifts.
First, give her water, then tell her about yourself.
Next, give her the earth elemental, then tell her about the gift.
Last, hug the tree, then tell her her name (Julanar).
Take the "Fruit of compassion".
Get back to Shapeir.
You may also want to go to the "Oasis of the dervish".
If you want to get there ask the guard at Shapeir's gate about it.
Follow his instructions.
(or use the desert map on "Game Information" page)
Once you have arrived, take some of the dervish' beard.
Sell the beard in the magic-shop. It worths 15 dinars.
Wait until you hear in your Inn that "Aziza calls you to come tomorrow".
Wait one more day, then go to Aziza.
After your talk, wait until everybody tells you goodbye, as you're about to
Leave to Raseir.
Go to the jewler, he will give you a sapphire pin.
Wait until you leave to Raseir.
Enjoy the intermission, then press [ENTER] to continue.

Once you are in Raseir, enter the blue parrot.
Talk with signor Ferrari (Don't be afraid to drink, 
it isn't poisoned).
You may tell him you're a thief. 
(show him the thief sign)
Wait until darkness, then go to sleep.
Go to the fountain plaza (You don't have the map, but all you need to do is 
   walk north from the gate plaza, ahead until you arrive).
Go to the south side of the plaza (Through the left pass).
After the guards go away, go back south.
When a woman calles you, follow her.
Give her your clothes when she asks. (While she's changing clothes, you may 
   use the X-RAY glasses, IF you bought them at the magic shop in Shapeir).
Give her your visa when she asks.
Wait a few seconds after she leaves, then leave.
Go back to the gate plaza.
Wait till night, if you got a job from Ferrari, you may go to the fountain
   plaza, stand below the window (you'll know which), use the magic rope, 
   get to the window, now stealth!, go slowly to the cabinet on the left, 
   oil the hings, pick the lock, open the cabinet and take the bird.
   Now return to the Inn, give the bird to Ferrari.
Now sleep.
In the morning, exit the Inn, you will be arrested.
In the prison, talk to the katta, and show him the pin.
Use the pin to pick the lock.
Before you leave, restore your equipment (It's on the table).
Leave through the secret exit.
In the street, go ahead and at the end, turn left.
Continue walking along the road until Ad-Avis catches you.
He will hypnotize you and will take you to a place out of Raseir.
Use the mirror to open the door.
Enter the cave and use the magic lamp.
Go left to the waterfall.
Jump on the logs to cross it. (timing is everything!)
There is a hole in the rocks which causes vacum, use your tool-kit
 to loosen the upper rock and block the wind's way.
Climb on north and go east into the fire room.
Walk only on the path to the next room.
Just jump off the cliff to get down.
Knock on the door, you will be asked a question, the answer is "Suleiman".
Go through the door.
Don't take any of the treasures, walk north to Ibilis' room.
Suprise! Ad-Avis is not your friend, he takes the statue and leaves 
you to die. Search for a ring and take it. A ginnie will come from it.
You have 3 wishes. 
Use the first two wishes to heal yourself and/or increase some of your
   abilities (Except honor).
Use the third wish to get out.
You will get into Raseir's palace plaza.
Again, you meet the katta, after he sneaks out, go south, to the palace.
We recommend to save the game at this spot, since the next scene is a 
  little problematic.
Immedialty after you go to the palace area, use the magic rope where 
  it is marked (a blue bandanna).
Climb it, and turn left.
Wait till the character is at your command, and exit the room.
Go down, and hide behind the table.
Wait till the guard crosses the room to the left, and move to the 
other table. Now wait again till he crosses the room back to the right, 
and go to the door. We recommend to save the game at this spot, since 
the next scene is also a little problematic.
Use the magic rope, and get to the tower.
Throw a dagger at the candle.
When Ad-Avis fires flame-darts on you, duck.
Throw at him daggers, until he falls.


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