Quest For Glory II - Story
From "Quest For Glory Series"

After becoming the greatest hero of Spielburg, you return with Abdulla, 
Shema and Shameen to The City of Shapeir - their homeland.
Soon you discover that your adventures have only began.
Some fearsome monsters called Elementals (created by one of the four basic
elements - Water, Air, Earth and Fire, with some dark magic) attack Shapeir
and threat to completely destroy it. You learn that the Elementals were 
sent from Raseir - a former twin-city of Shapeir - until the sultan has 
been replaced and the new ruler turned it into a hell on earth. Who knows 
what can happen next?
It is up to you to stop the Elementals, then go to Raseir, discover who is
behind all this and try to stop him before he takes over Shapeir - and 
maybe even the world.
May the force be with you!

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