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Cheats in Quest for Glory II

While playing type "Suck blue frog" (without the quotes) and then press:
[ALT]+[K] : Change skills - enter skill number and then its value
[ALT]+[I] : Get inventory item - you'll need to know its serial number
[ALT]+[T] : Transport - you'll need to know the destination's serial number
[ALT]+[B] : Change the amout of coins and your comm. skill
[ALT]+[X] : Change EVERY skill to the same value - enter only the value
And you may try some more, but most of them won't help you, to exit the cheat mode, type "suck blue frog" again.

Funny stuff:

Save before you do this:

  • A nice way to die, is to drop your change clothes just before you are invited to Zayisha's room !! (happens just after Ugarte's arrest)

Just funny...

  • If you're a thief, try to practise your Pick-Lock skill, by typing "pick nose". (check your sheet.. but be aware: if your skill is lower than 40, you'll be killed!)
  • Try to right clicking around in the main menu, just after the transmission, in Raseir central plaza and more..
  • Enter the magic store, and search for the "USS ExitPrise", Television set, Frisbee and more...
  • When Uhura's son, Simba, sits by himself, try to "kick him"! (or even more funnier, try to talk to him!) {Paladins: Beware!}
  • Switch on the "Silly Clowns" option, and look for a Persian Golfer in the desert, King Arthur also lies on the sand (Conquests of Camelot), and maybe you'll see an airplane flying above you, in the sky. Also check for a clown hanging in the alleys.
  • Look at the stars-model at the astrologer. Planets' name familiar? (Planets from Space Quest Series)
  • You occasionally encounter mysterious signs on the desert. Read them! You will find many funny messages.
  • If you're a thief, try to throw dirt at Ad-Avis in the ending (when your'e behind the pillar). Real funny messages!
  • The moose is in the Adventurers' guild
  • The black bird can be stolen from Khaveen's house. (as a thief)

  • Wait a second, what's that "QfG 3 - Shadows of Darkness" in the ending?? For an explanation, refer to QfG-3 Miscellaneous Information.

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