Quest For Glory I - Walkthrough
Character - Magic User
From "Quest For Glory Series"
NOTE: The following walkthrough will NOT gain you all points.

You find yourself in Spielburg.
Go to the hero's guild and learn your quests.
Make some money and buy the 3 spells on the magic-shop.
Exit Spielburg and go near the house of the potion maker.
Cast the fetch spell on the nest.
Take the ring.
Knock on the door of the potion maker.
Give her the ring.
Go to Erana's peace.
Cast the open spell.
Go to the meeps and ask them about spell.
Take the scroll.
Go near the waterfall.
Cast the Detect-Magic spell.
Climb the ladder.
Move to the right of the door and knock on it.
Ask Henry about scroll.
Say that you want to learn the spell.
Take the scroll.
Go to the Magic-House (In the snow).
Answer the questios as follows (You will be asked 3 of those):
   What's your name : Type your name exactly the way you
     wrote it on the beginning.
   Who do you seek here : Erasmus
   What is your quest : To be a hero
   What is your favorate color : Red
   What is the thieves' password : Anything but the thief sign
   What spell protects the town : Erana's peace
   What is the baron's first name : Stefan
Go up to the tower.
Play against Erasmus on the game and beat him.
You cannot control your character's movement, just cast spells, but here are
a few tips which will make the game a lot easier:
You've got 4 spells to use: Open, Fetch, Trigger, Flame-Dart (If you haven't
  got all 4 yet then don't play until you get them).
The use of the open spell: The open spell is used to remove stones blocking
  entries or exits from caves. Click the open button and then 
  click on the stone you wish to remove 
  (NOTE: It will reappear somewhere else).
The use of the fetch spell: The fetch spell is used to move bridges and 
  ladders from one place to another. Click the fetch button then drag
  the wanted bridge of ladder from its original position to the place
  you want it to be. NOTE: fetching a bridge while someone is on it sends 
  him to the beginning of the maze.
The use of the trigger spell: The trigger spell is used to change your
  character's size. You have 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  It is necessary because only the small character can move in caves, 
  while only the others can climb ladders. Click trigger button to 
  change your size.
The use of the flame-dart spell: The flame-dart spell can create a 
  fireball in a place you specify, and prevent the characters from moving
  in that area.
  Use this to block your opponent's way. Click the flame-dart button 
  and then click when you want it to be (I almost never use this spell).
More tips and tricks:
The fetch spell has 3 uses: First, use it, of-course, to make your way 
  forward. take bridges and ladders so you can continue your way, but 
  in-addition, it has 2 more uses. The second use is to block your
  opponent's way: Move a bridge or a ladder which your opponent
  is likely to use. 
  The third use is to block YOUR way BACKWARDS. As we said, you 
  cannot control your character's movement so it will be a good idea
  to remove the bridge/ladder you have just used to prevent yourself 
  from using it again.
Go into the forest and search a cave, which a purple monster is guarding.
Kill the monster (You may use your spells).
Go into the cave.
Feed the bear and go east.
Cast the calm spell.
Take the key from the Kobold.
Open the trap, which the bear is in using the key.
Go to Erana's peace and take some flowers.
Go to the place where there are seed-spitting plants.
Cast the fetch spell.
Take the seed.
Search for the Dyrad and give her the seed.
Take the acorn.

Go to the place where the meeps live.
Ask them to give you some green fur.
Go to Spielburg and enter the Dry-Goods shop.
Buy 2 flasks.
Go to the place near the waterfall and fill 
one flask water.
Wait till night.
Go to the Mushrooms' magic-circle.
Dance for the creatures.
Ask them to give you some magic dust.
WARNING! Do not enter the magic-circle.
Wait till morning.
Give the Acorn, Dust, Flowers, Fur, Water to the potion maker.
Go out of her house and enter again.
Go to the place where is a blue jumping creature.
Try to fight him.
When he disappears, go to another screen.
When the creature is about to land on you, use your dagger.
Return to the place where he was.
Cast the open spell, then open the cave door.
Say 'Hiden Goseke' and then enter the cave.
Go south and east. (Do NOT go west).
Kill the black ox (You may use your spells).
Cast the open spell on the gate.
Now go west (Do NOT step on the rugs and do NOT pass them from east)
Cross the hole from the eastern bridge.
Be careful when going into the cross in the middle, or you will be smashed!
Open the door on the right.
In the room, close the door which you came from.
Move the chair in front of the door on the right.
When men come from west, Push the candelabra.
Wait until they are on the left side of the table, 
 then climb the table.
Open the door on the North-West (Near the door, 
 which they came from).
Ask the clown about Elsa.
Go to the pass in the south-left.
Go to the pass in the south-right (Do NOT read the sign).
Pull the chain (Just type "Pull").
Go to the door which just opened.
Try to open the painter door and when it moves a little go left.
Open the real door.
Throw the dispel-potion on the brigand-leader.
Take the mirror.
Go to the escape door on the east.
Go to Spielburg and buy 50 apples (You buy 10 each time).
Search the east of the valley (Where there is snow) for a blue creature, 
   human shaped with an axe.
Give him the apples.
Go to the Baba-Yaga.
Give the gem to the skull on the gate.
Say 'Hut Of Brown, Now Sit Down' and enter the house.
Go to the left and wait for Baba-Yaga to appear.
Use your magic mirror and wait until she tries to make you a frog.

YES! You finished the game.

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