Quest For Glory I - Story
From "Quest For Glory Series"

Your whole adventure begins as your wish to become a hero. Fortunatly, 
you saw a note saying a hero is requested in Spielburg. That's exactly 
what you need! A chance to become a true hero.
After graduating the Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School, you go to
the valley of Spielburg. It seems that some sort of magic prevents the 
snow all around from entering the valley. Unfortunatly, it did not prevent
an avalanche from blocking your way out, but you don't really care; When 
you leave the valley, you will already be a hero.
You get interested, and find-out that Baba-Yaga, the notorious sorceress,
had arrived at the valley some time before and made life in it miserable. 
The Baron Stefan Von Spielburg tried to get rid of her. Of-course, he was 
unsuccessful. He was cursed by her, and a short time after - both his son 
Barnard and his daughter Elsa disappeard. He couldn't find them anywhere, 
so he posted a request for a hero. That's your chance - go and save his 
children, make them happy again, and if you can (and dare) - go and get 
rid of Baba-Yaga.
Good-Luck becoming a hero!

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