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Cheats in Quest for Glory I (EGA Version only)

Type "razzle dazzle root beer" and press Enter. Now you have some useful key-combinations:
[Alt]+[K] : Change Skills (You will need the skill number)
[Alt]+[I] : Get an item (You will need the item's ID)
[Alt]+[B] : Change money-amount
[Alt]+[T] : Teleport (You will need the room ID)
And you can explore more Alt+Key. These keys will work only in the current place. After you move to another screen, you will need to type the code again.

Technical issues:

  • Digital Effects problem (VGA Remake version ONLY)
    Occurs on most today's sound-cards, which the game's old driver doesn't support. If the game says 'unable to initialize audio' or that you hear all the sound effect (throwing rocks etc..) in MIDI format - install Sierra's SB16DRV patch (check our downloads section for QfG 1), which will replace the audio driver of QfG 1 to a newer one and will fix the problem.
  • You may encounter other probelms that area speed-related (such as that rear door closing fast in Yorick's maze, or fighting the weapon master in the castle). In that case use slowing utilities such as "Turbo" or "Mo'slo". (refer to bottom page)

Funny stuff:

save: Throw rocks/cast spells at the white stag. Now follow him to the dryad. Make 'Enry the 'Ermit unhappy by attempting to harm him.
  • If you're a thief, try to practise your Pick-Lock skill, by typing "pick nose". (check your sheet.. but be aware: if your skill is lower than 40, you'll be killed!)
  • Try to point with the mouse at a unimportant point on the screen, and the click the right button several times, until you reach the funny messages :-)) [EGA version only]
  • Try to right click on the bug at the main menu. [EGA version only]
  • At the bar, annoy Crusher by asking him some questions!
  • In the guild hall, right click on the Antwerp, it says that "Two guys from Andromeda" caught it.
    (a reminder of Space Quest III)
  • In the Mirror Lake, return occasionally and stay a bit each time. You can see a submarine (from Sierra's Codename:ICEMAN), as well as Delphineus the dolphim from Eco-Quest and Nessie from "Conquests of the Longbow". (last two VGA version only)
  • Watch at Otto's YoYo to see some YoYo stunts! [VGA version, in which he has a more modern kind of YoYo]
  • One of the Coles' favorite games is non-other than LucasArt's "Monky Island". This is reflected well in the VGA version when you say that your quest is "I want to be a pirate" on the entrance of Erasmus's house.
  • The moose is in the guild hall.
  • The black bird can be stolen from a house at night.

Your computer is too fast for "Quest For Glory I" ? Download the turbo program. (on "News" page)

If you are experiencing technical problems, use our Form feedback to ask us about it.

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