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October 2009

QFGS Website had moved to a new address!

"Quest for Glory Series" website is happy to announce of its move to a new address and domain -

New Downloads section!

A new Downloads section is totally renovated! We've added music from the games in MP3 format, and the demo version of QFG1,3,4

enhanced & updated Guides section!

Enhanced Guides section - the heart of the Game-Information pages!
It will include updated Game Tips+FAQ page; A Spell Guide, and a few more suprises!

The Technical Guide

A Complete Technical Guide to solve Sound, Speed and other technical problems - entry from each game Main page->Game Information->Guides->Technical Guide

How to get QfG games

We've created this page after getting a lot of questions and requests from you about how to buy the games.
Click Here to get all recent information!

Lots of Easter-Eggs

are hiding in this web site, waiting for you to discover.

"Turbo" Utility

Your computer is too fast for Quest for Glory?
Try - it's slowing down the computer
according to precentage that you define - perfect solution!

Walkthroughs for Windows!

In addition to the WEB version of the walkthroughs -
Now you can download all the walkthroughs as a windows' help file - Version 2.00 - Click Here!


This site, "Quest For Glory Series" has its own IRC channel on the DalNet. It is very easy to connect, just open your IRC program, connect to and when you're connected type "/join #qfgs" (Without the quotes) and voila! This time, it is up to YOU to keep it up! (The channel's name is #qfgs)
To view the channel's rules click here

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