Non-official websites about other Sierra's Quests

Quest for Glory II - VGA Remake By AGD InteractiveThe website of Quest for Glory II VGA remake, done in 2008. Includes a free download of the game!
SierraGamers.comwww.sierragamers.comA website established by Ken Williams, which is for those of you who don't know, the founder and CEO of Sierra On-Line in its golden days. He retierd in 1996. Now this holds a 'museum' and conversations about the quests.
SpaceQuest.Net - Slippery When Wet!The most comprehensive SQ website out there

Other related websites

Quest StudiosQuest Studios holds everything that has to do with music from the old Sierra quests.
AGD InteractiveTierra Entertainment made a VGA remake version for King Quest 1 & 2. Now they are working on Quest for Glory II remake!!"Transolar" is the website of the Coles.

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