Hey, I want to have QfG too !

We have received from you many requests about how/where to get the games.
As you probobly know, the QfG games are rather old. QfG 1 was made back in 1989 (2 more releases - one in 1990 [name was changed from "Hero's Quest I" to "Quest for Glory I" due to disputes with Gremlin who had reserved the name for its board game] and a VGA-remake release in 1992), QfG 2 in 1990, QfG 3 in 1992 and QfG 4 in 1993. That's far back, and you won't find the games in stores anymore. QfG 5 was made in late 1998 and there is a small chance that you'll find it somewhere, also thankfully for Sierra QFG-5 re-release under "Sierra Originals" title; Sierra re-released many titles under the "Sierra Originals" title.
Recenty, Sierra have finally made it possible to purchase "Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire" - Click Here to go to our links page and choose the QfG 5 web-page link.
Regarding the first 4 games: Fortunatly, there is a place that called "eBay", which gives a stage for selling items (primarily with auctions). There are QfG games for sale there as well. However, be careful when you buy because you don't know who's behind the seller's name. Check feedback about him gave by previously taken-place purchases.
Note: Don't expect for a brand-new 'unopened' QfG game. Most of the entries are used. Some are in an excellent condition and some are not. Sometimes they give you only the game itslef (disks/CD) and not what originally comes with the game. (Famous' Adventurer Correspondance School guide, Technical guide etc..), but in bottom line - if you want a QfG game (or some) it's a good place to look.
The link: Click Here.

Other sources:
Yahoo! PC-Games store: Click Here.
Another source (but less known) is gameTZ.com: Click and search 'quest for glory'.

"Quest For Glory" products: Sierra made, set aside each seperate QfG item, also

"Quest for Glory Anthology" (1996) and
"Quest for Glory Collection" (1998).

The Anthology includes QfG 1-4 and the remake of QfG 1. The Collection series includes the same, but also QfG 5 demo and QfG 5 soundtrack (the soundtrack is an additional CD).

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